review : qalesya spa


Hello lovelies!

Kali ni saya nak review pasal spa saya pergi jumaat lepas for a facial treatment. Qalesya Spa.

Qalesya Spa
43B Jalan 3/69,
Seksyen 3, Bandar Baru Bangi.


It is a spa for muslimah. No men & non muslims allowed. Pertama kali ke Qalesya. My first impression was… hmmm… macam horror je tempat ni. huhu. Nothing fancy about the decoration & ambiance. Nothing much to shout about. Well, nothing at all. Melangkah masuk you could see meja kecik for reception equipped with a PC. Takde fountains, takde scented candles. The decors were only flower stickers on the wall. huhu.

Once you decided the treatment, a so-called beautician will take you to the treatment room. And again, nothing fancy to say about the room as well. 2 beds with cheap sheets on. The room was so bright as it used lampu kalimantang and I could hardly feel the aircond. It wasn’t a comfortable room I must say.

And now the treatment. I chose Whitening Collagen Ultrasonic Treatment. Sound sooo fancy mehh. haha. They were using Eucerin products. Firstly, the beautician cleaned my face from make up and then she began to sental my face. After the cleansing done, she proceed with scrubbing. After that, the massage. For massage, she used cucumber cream which i couldn’t tahan at all. My face was so pedih especially on my cheeks, and it felt like burning. She said it was normal, and it won’t do any harm on my skin. Oh my. I prayed hard it won’t! Then, she steamed my face for about 15 mins. And then came the extraction part which was a nightmare in every facial treatment. And surprisingly, here it was painless. They used vacuum instead of picit all whiteheads & blackheads. And the rest of it was like any other treatment, masker, serum and so on.

Overall, it was an O-kay treatment. Not an awesome one but not the worst one considering I only paid RM45 for 1 hour and 30 mins of treatment. And I didn’t mind a second round. But I do not recommend this place for those who has high taste in spa experience.

And by the way, i was listening to throughout my treatment. Not those soothing typical spa music. huhu

For more info, you guys can go here and here.



review : spanx


Hello Lovelies. πŸ™‚

Do u SPANX? Me do! hehe.

Ape tuh SPANX?
SPANX adalah undergarment untuk menyembunyikan all the flabby, bulges, spare tyres, lemak berlebihan di hampir semua bahagian badan anda yang anda rasa perlu disembunyikan. SPANX bukan untuk menguruskan badan anda, like the famous premium beautiful, it’s only to make u look slimmer. U will look fat again once u take off the magical SPANX. haha.

Saya dah cuba. Saya beli in-power line super higher power. The most popular item and a hot seller. Memang best. Rasa selesa sangat. Takde rasa macam melekat or ketat macam pakai korset. Material dia sangat ringan and nipis but it covered what need to be covered perfectly. Memang all the bulges and lapisan-lapisan lemak tu hilang. Tapi do bear in mind, it didn’t make you any slimmer. Still takleh muat baju kurung saya yang satu tuh. aish. Tapi yang pentingnye my body looked solid & firm! Nak duduk pon senang. Takde rasa ketat or susah nk duduk pon. Suke! For me, it was a perfect purchase!


Mane nak beli?
A few years back, SPANX just available kat US je. But now, SPANX dah ade worldwide delivery. Tapiiiiiii, the delivery excluded our beloved country, Malaysia! But it is available for Thailand & Indonesia. haishhh. Ini tidak adil!

But fret not! U can always buy it from blogshop. Like i did! Salah satu blogshop yang famous adalah blog Kerry Blogshop. This shop only sells SPANX & ASSET. U can purchase any type of SPANX and ASSET. Tapi unfortunately, the in-power line super higher power is not available for order currently. But u can still order any other type of SPANX based on your needs. And another blogshop, which where i made my purchase was the Sooyaree’s Closet. It sells almost anything you want from the States. Just request for it. Lebih kurang macam kedai runcit USA. Cool meh? πŸ™‚ The service was superb. I got my SPANX for much cheaper price compared to other blogshop, RM177 including postage. And it was a ready stock! i got mine delivered in 2 days! Lucky me!

Happy SPANX-ing!


just watched : the vow

I vow to help you love life, to always hold you with tenderness and to have the patience that love demands, to speak when words are needed and to share the silence when they are not and to live within the warmth of your heart and always call it home.


hello gorgeous people.

I went to watch The Vow last Wednesday. Cerita ni dah lama keluar kat US tapi baru nak masuk Malaysia. OK, kesian. Masa mula-mula tengok lead actor and actress saya ingatkan it was another adaptation dari novel Nicholas Sparks. Channing Tatum was the lead actor from Dear John dan Rachel McAdams was the lead actress from The Notebook. Both movies were adapted from Nicholas Sparks’ novels. Tapi yang sebenarnya *bak kata Yunalis* this movie was inspired by true events.

Sebelum i go any further on my reviews, here’s the synopsis :


A newlywed couple recovers from a car accident that puts the wife in a coma. Waking up with severe memory loss, her husband endeavors to win her heart again.

Bagi saya, movie ni terlalu ringan. biasa-biasa je. kalo tengok trailer memang rasa risau jugak, takut termenangis dalam panggung. Tapi fortunately, takde rasa sedih langsung. Kalo ikut realiti nye, memang sepatutnye sedih, sape yang tak sedih kalo pasangan yang baru kahwin, totally in love with each other, and then ypur partner woke up in the next morning didn’t even recognize who you are. Boleh menangis meraung-raung kot. Tapi sayang nye, rasa sedih tu tak sampai. In the other words, it was a failure to Tatum (Leo) and McAdams (Paige) to deliver the emotions.

Part yang paling saya tak suka sekali masa Leo ceraikan Paige. That was stupid. How can you just give up so easily? Kalau you betul-betul sayangkan seseorang, you should stand by her, no matter how hard the situation was. Maybe orang akan cakap, kalo dah jodoh, they will be together again. But hey, kesungguhan dan usaha juga perlu seiring. Takkan nak mengharap je bulan jatuh ke riba, kucing bertanduk? Based on the synopsis, Leo endeavors to win Paige’s heart again. Really? Really really? Oh Leo, as a lover, u failed. haha. saya emosi.

But in the end, Paige came back to Leo *without any efforts from him*. hmmmm…

p/s : Till this very moment, Paige still didn’t regain her memory. And they have two kids. πŸ™‚


wedding and such : ain & pejai – solemnization


hi gorgeous.

harap-harap post ni tak basi lagi. harap-harap jugak pengantin still in the honeymoon mood. πŸ™‚
*nak tunggu pengantin herself update the details on her blog. tapi…hampa!*

ain & pejai dah kahwen lah!

saya buat dua part ye pasal takmo panjang sangat post ni nanti. part one is the solemnization. it was held early this year. *lupa the actual date sebenarnye* hahahahahahaha

pepagi sesudah subah lagi saya dah merentas LEKAS menuju ke seremban. cuak jugak takut lambat pasal saya bawak bantal untuk alas duduk pengantin masa nikah. kematu pulak muntut pengantin duduk atas karpet je nanti *konon*. majlis nikah di masjid in seremban and upacara batal air sembahyang and bergambar di rumah ain. one thing i can say about the majlis is, it was so intimate and sweet. ahhhhhhhhhhhh. sekali lafaz ain menjadi hak milik kekal pejai. and i have to terima pejai seadanya. *WHY U HAVE TO TERIMA PEJAI??*

so mari tengok gambar sambil i’m telling you guys the story, k.


cantek kan baju ain? it was songket with lace patching and some beading. all done by sanak saudara and sahabat handai. πŸ™‚ the baju sewn baju her aunt who was a very good tailor. i also had my wedding dress tailored by her. will blog about it later k. ain’s aunt also did the lace patching as well while the beading did by her sis’s friend. and the final result was awesome! spotted her hand bouquet. it was calla lily with lotssssss of stories. *wink*



and next is the pelamin. self designed by ain herself and constructed by his uncle *husband makcik ain yang jahit baju tadi tu.* and the chair was made by her other uncle and also self designed by ain. wow. while writing this, i was impressed with your skillful family lah, ling. πŸ™‚

correction : the custom made kerusi was for the reception. not this one. this was her aunt’s. sorry! πŸ™‚

dipped apples from My Gorgeous Homemade Chocolate as favors. i misplaced mine so taktau camne rasa nye. tapi midge cakap sedap. 😦

ni je gambar yang ade. bunyi macam banyak je kan tadi. hehe. nanti saya cuba mintak ngn ain ye. takpon kita tunggu ain je update her blog with all the details. lagi afdal camtu kan.

that’s all for part one. nanti kita sambung part two, ok. πŸ™‚

p/s : the bride had some kind of meltdown before and after the nikah. it was HORROR! haha


my spa-ing experience


hi gorgeous!

i love spa! well, who didn’t. dulu-dulu masa tengah kaya duit berkepok2 taktau nak buat ape saye selalu pergi spa. boleh dikatakan once a month. kadang-kadang 2 kali sebulan. haha. selalunya saya akan buat massage. and ade la 2-3 kali facial tapi tak suke facial part extraction tuh. leh nangis ooooooo.

since dulu pakai product dermalogica, so saya selalu pegi dermalogica facial treatment dekat the mines. memang best. lembut je tangan beautician dia. extraction pon tak berapa sakit sangat. pastu setiap kali lepas treatment mesti rasa nak tertido. bayangkan lah tengah drive nak balik rumah sambil menguap-nguap macam nak gila. bahaya ok. and pernah jugak try facial treatment dekat tini’s spa. yang ini dekat shah alam. also using dermalogica products. servis dia? so-so saja. nothing much to be compared with the the mines’s outlet. so, for the facial treatment category, the mines’s outlet is highly recommended by me. πŸ™‚

now massage. saya pernah cuba thai, chinese, and bali. hmmm ade massage ape lagi eh? massage melayu style? yang tu tunggu lepas bersalin nanti lah. ahaks. ini list massage/reflexology centre yang saya pernah pegi :

chinese : reborn
thai : thai odyssey
bali : spa dekat bandung, indonesia. *lupa lah nama dia*
clueless type of massage they provided : kakijamu spa

mula-mula saya regular kat reborn and belot lepas try thai odyssey. the comparison was based on the sedap feel after treatment. ahaks. and my favorite outlet was at jusco cheras selatan. tersorok sket tempatnye. sila rujuk directories kalau tak jumpe ye. yang best pasal thai massage adalah part yang lipat-lipat badan. memang best. sila lah cuba wahai kawan-kawan sekalian. balinese style massage saya try masa pergi bandung last year. memang murah compared to malaysia and ade shower boleh mandi. so far tak jumpe lagi massage centre yang boleh mandi after treatment kat malaysia ni. selalu terus balik dalam keadaan berminyak and berbau. ewwwwwwwwww. and the kakijamu spa. located at giant hypermarket cheras and owned by linda onn. saya taktau ape jenis massage yang diorang provide. hentam-sajalah-labu type of massage maybe. harga sangat murah compared to the other 3 centres. ambience failed. rasa macam horror je tempat dia. memang that was the 1st and the last time i went there. sorry linda. u should try harder or maybe just concentrate on ur mum’s nasik ayam instead. πŸ™‚ so for the massage cateory, the winner is thai odyssey. *tepuk-tepuk*

why me talking about spa out of sudden? because i’d been listening to piano instrumental since morning at work which reminded me a lot about spa. so soothing and relaxing. feels like working in a spa instead. tak payah dah nak buang duit banyak-banyak just to feel relax. u can try it my way, the miskin way the value for money way. download the mp3s and enjoice! *then u can massage-massage your feet on your own for some extra feel, ok, this sounds pathetic*