4th Putrajaya International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta 2012


hello gorgeous people.

the Putrajaya International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta is baaaaaaccckkkkk! OMG! OMG! OMG!


saya sangat teruja. dah 4 kali penganjuran dan saya belum pernah sekali pon pergi. asyik terlepas je. just dapat tengok gambar kawan-kawan yang pergi kat facebook. sangat tak best. so for this time saya dah siap-siap pangkah kat calendar so that i will not miss it this time around, inshaAllah.

it is going to be a 4 days event starting from thursday, 15th March, till sunday, 18th March. i’ll be going on the saturday, inshaAllah, since i wanted to watch the night glow & fireworks! the night glow is a show where all the balloons participating in the festival “glow” in the radiance of the fire heating up the balloons. awesome kan?

and paling best pasal ade zorb ball. wahhhhh!!!! I’ve been wanting to try this thing for ages. and Alhamdulillah the ticket price is kind of cheap, it’s only RM15 per ride compare to the helicopter ride, RM130. uhuk. pengsan.

and for those who wants to try the tethered rides, you guys better be there early as the tickets are limited to 300 tickets only and it’s RM10 per tix. RM10 for 5-7 minutes ride. hmmmmm. the operating hours for the rides are also limited, it’s only 3 hrs per session and u cannot carry forward your ticket to the next session. aishhhh. mau ade rusuhan nanti ni. sume orang pon nak naik.

u guys can read more on the event in their official website. the link is at the end of this post.

see u there gorgeous people!





p/s : agak-agak ade tak orang buat marriage proposal on the hot air balloons this year? so clichely romantic!


credit/source :
The Official Website
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my spa-ing experience


hi gorgeous!

i love spa! well, who didn’t. dulu-dulu masa tengah kaya duit berkepok2 taktau nak buat ape saye selalu pergi spa. boleh dikatakan once a month. kadang-kadang 2 kali sebulan. haha. selalunya saya akan buat massage. and ade la 2-3 kali facial tapi tak suke facial part extraction tuh. leh nangis ooooooo.

since dulu pakai product dermalogica, so saya selalu pegi dermalogica facial treatment dekat the mines. memang best. lembut je tangan beautician dia. extraction pon tak berapa sakit sangat. pastu setiap kali lepas treatment mesti rasa nak tertido. bayangkan lah tengah drive nak balik rumah sambil menguap-nguap macam nak gila. bahaya ok. and pernah jugak try facial treatment dekat tini’s spa. yang ini dekat shah alam. also using dermalogica products. servis dia? so-so saja. nothing much to be compared with the the mines’s outlet. so, for the facial treatment category, the mines’s outlet is highly recommended by me. 🙂

now massage. saya pernah cuba thai, chinese, and bali. hmmm ade massage ape lagi eh? massage melayu style? yang tu tunggu lepas bersalin nanti lah. ahaks. ini list massage/reflexology centre yang saya pernah pegi :

chinese : reborn
thai : thai odyssey
bali : spa dekat bandung, indonesia. *lupa lah nama dia*
clueless type of massage they provided : kakijamu spa

mula-mula saya regular kat reborn and belot lepas try thai odyssey. the comparison was based on the sedap feel after treatment. ahaks. and my favorite outlet was at jusco cheras selatan. tersorok sket tempatnye. sila rujuk directories kalau tak jumpe ye. yang best pasal thai massage adalah part yang lipat-lipat badan. memang best. sila lah cuba wahai kawan-kawan sekalian. balinese style massage saya try masa pergi bandung last year. memang murah compared to malaysia and ade shower boleh mandi. so far tak jumpe lagi massage centre yang boleh mandi after treatment kat malaysia ni. selalu terus balik dalam keadaan berminyak and berbau. ewwwwwwwwww. and the kakijamu spa. located at giant hypermarket cheras and owned by linda onn. saya taktau ape jenis massage yang diorang provide. hentam-sajalah-labu type of massage maybe. harga sangat murah compared to the other 3 centres. ambience failed. rasa macam horror je tempat dia. memang that was the 1st and the last time i went there. sorry linda. u should try harder or maybe just concentrate on ur mum’s nasik ayam instead. 🙂 so for the massage cateory, the winner is thai odyssey. *tepuk-tepuk*

why me talking about spa out of sudden? because i’d been listening to piano instrumental since morning at work which reminded me a lot about spa. so soothing and relaxing. feels like working in a spa instead. tak payah dah nak buang duit banyak-banyak just to feel relax. u can try it my way, the miskin way the value for money way. download the mp3s and enjoice! *then u can massage-massage your feet on your own for some extra feel, ok, this sounds pathetic*