review : qalesya spa


Hello lovelies!

Kali ni saya nak review pasal spa saya pergi jumaat lepas for a facial treatment. Qalesya Spa.

Qalesya Spa
43B Jalan 3/69,
Seksyen 3, Bandar Baru Bangi.


It is a spa for muslimah. No men & non muslims allowed. Pertama kali ke Qalesya. My first impression was… hmmm… macam horror je tempat ni. huhu. Nothing fancy about the decoration & ambiance. Nothing much to shout about. Well, nothing at all. Melangkah masuk you could see meja kecik for reception equipped with a PC. Takde fountains, takde scented candles. The decors were only flower stickers on the wall. huhu.

Once you decided the treatment, a so-called beautician will take you to the treatment room. And again, nothing fancy to say about the room as well. 2 beds with cheap sheets on. The room was so bright as it used lampu kalimantang and I could hardly feel the aircond. It wasn’t a comfortable room I must say.

And now the treatment. I chose Whitening Collagen Ultrasonic Treatment. Sound sooo fancy mehh. haha. They were using Eucerin products. Firstly, the beautician cleaned my face from make up and then she began to sental my face. After the cleansing done, she proceed with scrubbing. After that, the massage. For massage, she used cucumber cream which i couldn’t tahan at all. My face was so pedih especially on my cheeks, and it felt like burning. She said it was normal, and it won’t do any harm on my skin. Oh my. I prayed hard it won’t! Then, she steamed my face for about 15 mins. And then came the extraction part which was a nightmare in every facial treatment. And surprisingly, here it was painless. They used vacuum instead of picit all whiteheads & blackheads. And the rest of it was like any other treatment, masker, serum and so on.

Overall, it was an O-kay treatment. Not an awesome one but not the worst one considering I only paid RM45 for 1 hour and 30 mins of treatment. And I didn’t mind a second round. But I do not recommend this place for those who has high taste in spa experience.

And by the way, i was listening to throughout my treatment. Not those soothing typical spa music. huhu

For more info, you guys can go here and here.



wedding and such : official photographer


Hello lovelies.

It’s time to decide the OP (official photographer) untuk majlis nikah & walimah sebelah perempuan. aka my side of the reception. hehe

These are lists of OP that i had finalized. And I’m facing pretty hard time choosing one. Just only one. Can anybody help me please. 🙂


RM 1600

– 1 custom album (10 x 12)
– 2 pcs frame + foto (12 x 18)
– 1 briefcase
– 1 DVD unlimited shots
– 2 Outdoor



RM 1850

– 1 custom album (10 x 12, 30 pages)
– 2 8R foto
– 1 DVD unlimted shots
– 1 Outdoor
– 1 @ 2 photog



RM 1880

– 1 custom album (8 x 12, 22 pages)
– 1 briefcase
– 2 DVD unlimited shots
– 2 Outdoor



RM 1899

– 1 custom album (10 x 15, 20 pages)
– 1 sticky album (4R, 80pcs) – Solemn
– 1 sticky album (4R, 160pcs) – Recept
– 1 DVD unlimited shots
– Outdoor



RM 2150

– 1 custom album storyboard (8 x 12, 24 pages)
– 1 frame + 1 foto (8 x 12 inch)
– 1 poster (16 x 24 inch)
– 1 briefcase
– 1 DVD unlimited shots
– 2 Outdoor (1.5 hrs, same day)



makan-makan : mr. kabab & biryani


Hello lovelies.

Harini 3 Rejab. Dan saya puasa. 🙂 Adat orang berpuasa adalah planning what to eat for breaking the fast. My friend ada cakap nak makan nasi arab untuk berbuka dan saya baru teringat haritu ade lunch dengan officemates kat restoran makanan arab & pakistan di Putrajaya.

Mr. Kabab & Biryani
No.42,44,46, Jalan Diplomatik 3/1,
Precint 15 (Diplomatic Precint),
62050 Putrajaya


Restoran ni agak besar. Tiga lot kedai rasanye. Pergi aritu masa lunch so restoran memang penuh dan yang datang sumenye smart bertali leher & ber-name tag. Almaklumlah, Putrajaya kan Gomen’s territory. huhu



Menu kat sini macam menu-menu kat Restoran makanan arab yang lain. Ade biryani, ade kebab, ade mendy, ade barbican. hehe. Cuma the plus point was they also have pakistani food.


Saya order Chicken Biryani, Pakistan style. Segunung nasi menutupi ayam gergasi dibawahnye dan 2 sides, dalca maybe, and another one was tasted like a bit of acar. I don’t know what they called it. Tapiiiiiii, ape yang pastinya ia adalah sangat SEDAPPPPPP! Nasi dia terasa sangat rempahnye, tak kering sangat, tak oily sangat. Memang sedap. Ayam dia pulak sangat lembut dan sangat sedapppppppp. Trust me. I am a picky eater. Bila saya cakap sedap, maknanye memang sedap.



These were dishes ordered by my friends. Nama tak ingat. Rasa no comment. Pasal saya tak rasa. hehe. Tapi diorang makan sampai abes. Sedap la kot.

8Air rani mukherje. Pekat sangat.


wedding and such : facial & body treatment


Hello lovelies!

Sorry lama tak update. Been busy with e-day prep and MALAS. haha. So harini saya nak cerita pasal facial and body treatment. This kinda treatment adalah sangat penting bagi b2b yang tak kurang cantik macam saya. Dan sangat penting untuk b2b yang sangat busy and working in a very stressful & hectic environment, like me, again. sigh.

Sekarang ni dah banyak spa & beauty center yang menawarkan pakej pengantin. Cover from head to toe. Facial & body treatment. Tapi a bit pricey kalo nak buat dalam 3/4 straight months. Kalo nak wat sekali je boleh la kot. Tapi kurang memberi kesan la kan. So what I did was, in a very budget-friendly, I’m gonna get coupons from the deals/discounts websites such as Everyday, Milkadeal, Groupon. Seriously, you can save lots of cash from there. And I was looking for multiple redeem coupons which was kinda hard to find. Most of the deals only gave you multiple purchase but not multiple redeem. hmmm. Jangan putus asa. You have to keep on searching.

Selepas puas fikir, fikir, fikir, makan, tido, fikir, fikir…

I had finalized 3 different treatments from 3 different beauty centers.

Body treatments coupons from Everyday, which covers full body massage, full body scrub & full body mask for RM144 for 3 coupons/treatments.


And for facial treatment I will go to Qalesya Spa which offers a very good price for facials & body treatments for RM40 per session and the place just nearby my office. I can go there during lunch. And I’m paying my first visit today after work. *Thanks Mr. H pasal bagi I balik awal harini.* Kalo le dia tau saya nak pi spa. HAHA.


And for manicure & pedicure, i will buy coupons from Groupon which consists of classic mani & pedi, foot scrub & hand & foot massage for RM90 for 3 session.


So total damage will be :
Body treatment = RM48x3 = RM144
Facial treatment = RM40x3 = RM120
Mani & Pedi = RM90
Total = RM354

Berbaloi kah?