review : spanx


Hello Lovelies. 🙂

Do u SPANX? Me do! hehe.

Ape tuh SPANX?
SPANX adalah undergarment untuk menyembunyikan all the flabby, bulges, spare tyres, lemak berlebihan di hampir semua bahagian badan anda yang anda rasa perlu disembunyikan. SPANX bukan untuk menguruskan badan anda, like the famous premium beautiful, it’s only to make u look slimmer. U will look fat again once u take off the magical SPANX. haha.

Saya dah cuba. Saya beli in-power line super higher power. The most popular item and a hot seller. Memang best. Rasa selesa sangat. Takde rasa macam melekat or ketat macam pakai korset. Material dia sangat ringan and nipis but it covered what need to be covered perfectly. Memang all the bulges and lapisan-lapisan lemak tu hilang. Tapi do bear in mind, it didn’t make you any slimmer. Still takleh muat baju kurung saya yang satu tuh. aish. Tapi yang pentingnye my body looked solid & firm! Nak duduk pon senang. Takde rasa ketat or susah nk duduk pon. Suke! For me, it was a perfect purchase!


Mane nak beli?
A few years back, SPANX just available kat US je. But now, SPANX dah ade worldwide delivery. Tapiiiiiii, the delivery excluded our beloved country, Malaysia! But it is available for Thailand & Indonesia. haishhh. Ini tidak adil!

But fret not! U can always buy it from blogshop. Like i did! Salah satu blogshop yang famous adalah blog Kerry Blogshop. This shop only sells SPANX & ASSET. U can purchase any type of SPANX and ASSET. Tapi unfortunately, the in-power line super higher power is not available for order currently. But u can still order any other type of SPANX based on your needs. And another blogshop, which where i made my purchase was the Sooyaree’s Closet. It sells almost anything you want from the States. Just request for it. Lebih kurang macam kedai runcit USA. Cool meh? 🙂 The service was superb. I got my SPANX for much cheaper price compared to other blogshop, RM177 including postage. And it was a ready stock! i got mine delivered in 2 days! Lucky me!

Happy SPANX-ing!



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