al-Quran Pelangi


pelangi. cantik kan? kalau al-Quran pelangi? of course lah lagi awesomely gorgeous. i saw a pic of rainbow al-Quran in tumblr last year and totally falling in love with it since then. tapi agak susah nak dapat kan copy of the holy Quran as it’s only available exclusively in Indonesia.

jangan putus asa.

after googling, stalking, bloghopping, i bumped into this one blogshop who sell the Quran here in Malaysia. hurray! tapi it were a bit of overpriced. *sigh* maybe the price is inclusive of all the cost to bring the al-Quran here i’m guessing.

but i definitely gonna buy it as one of my hantaran. pink color me likey! to those who been searching for the vendors, here’s the link.

and to those who wanna get a copy with a cheaper price, you guys can buy it straight from the oven, here.

and to those yang belum pernah tengok lagi, here’s the pic cilok from the famous fashionista, the rainbow admirer herself, the beautiful Miss Dian Pelangi.





credit/source :
The Merchant Daughter
Karita Muslim Square


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